You wake up one morning in pain or feeling ill. You injure yourself in an accident. Or maybe you just need a checkup. You wouldn’t hesitate to call the doctor, right? Well, your smile is no different! Just like you would visit the doctor if you were not feeling well or wanted to stay healthy, you need to see our dentists to take care of your smile. At Eurodental Studio, we offer general and family dentistry in Brooklyn or Ridgewood, New York, and in Greenpoint, Williamsburg and Long Island City.

dental cleanings and exams
Maybe you deserve a gold star for brushing and flossing. But there is no substitute for your checkups with our team.

digital x-rays
Smile for our camera so you can smile everywhere else! We use digital X-rays to keep you comfortable and safe.

at-home care instructions
There is no such thing as a dumb dental question! Our team can tell you anything you want to know about caring for your smile.

oral cancer screenings
Our doctors and team may save your smile and your life with an oral cancer screening. Don’t put off your appointment.


is your smile camera ready?

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